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Maximise revenue on your venue

Running or owning a wedding and events venue – it’s all flowers and parties, right? Wrong. Maybe it looks this way from the outside, but we know it’s your hard-working teams that really bring it to life.

Whether you’ve got a barn or a full-blown stately home, you’ll know there’s a lot more going on behind closed doors.

The Venue Experts have over 15 years’ experience of working with some of the most prestigious venues in the UK including:

  • Heritage properties
  • Stately homes
  • Country houses
  • Country estates
  • Wedding and special event venues

Contact us and start powering your profits today.


So you want to increase bookings?

Working with you…

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Let us take the strain

Stop doing everything yourselves and let The Venue Experts take the strain! Our help comes in many guises…

  • You are: the owner of a wedding venue or potential event space.
  • You need: a proven sales strategy for supercharged profits. An expert pair of eyes and a no-BS plan that looks at the venue, the target market and your long-term goals. Stop making plans and start taking action.
  • You’ll get: a no-nonsense consultant to revive your team. No fluff – just actionable goals, a full-length report and a six-month accountability check. Your wins are our wins.

No sugar-coating here – we give you the facts. Stop bleeding cash and start finding better clients. Smash your goals quicker, building momentum from day one.

  • You are: managing a struggling events team with a lacklustre sales record.
  • You need: quicks wins and long-term, sustainable success. Tried and tested techniques that turn emails into sales. Find the spenders – not the time wasters.
  • You’ll get: an experienced consultant tailored to you. Give your teams a kick by building their confidence, nailing those viewings and speeding up sales.

First impressions count. Watch your conversion rates jump by up to 70% with tailor-made advice from the experts.

  • You are: an events ‘all-rounder’, managing an overstretched team.
  • You need: somebody who has the answers, getting profitable enquiries through the door while you focus on the events.
  • You’ll get: a dedicated venue expert. A right-hand man to handle the enquiries, set up the tours and close the deal. Your very own hype team – brand awareness on the socials and at trade shows, with the answers to every question.

Speed stuns!  Millennials are busy shoppers. You could lose up to 75% of sales if you don’t respond to their requests within 30 minutes. Pass the enquiries to your dedicated venue expert – you focus on the tours; we’ll focus on the sale.

  • You are: lacking time and ideas for marketing and selling your venue.
  • You need: short, sharp tips on how to boost your revenue across every season.
  • You’ll get: a one-hour masterclass from a wedding sales strategist – build your customer avatar and discover your best selling products.

Find new opportunities and stop wasting time – you’ll get the benefit of over 15 years’ experience in one hour’s consultancy.


How do you sell 98 weddings
in three months?

Join the winners we work with:

  • Prestwold Hall
  • Hodsock Priory
  • The Hall Barns
  • Belvoir Castle
  • Castle Ashby

Need to start making changes to turbo-power your bottom line?

Ready to sell?

With more than 15 years’ experience, we’ve heard every objection in the book and we love them all.

  • The Venue Experts CAN qualify every lead.
  • The Venue Experts CAN get you the right customers.
  • The Venue Experts CAN move at pace and react to your clients with speed and intent.
  • The Venue Experts CAN develop and support your team across the short and long term.
  • The Venue Experts CAN share and use our experience.
  • The Venue Experts CAN make the difference you need.

Don’t hesitate – it’s time to become exceptional and remain exceptional.